Responsible Travel

Our purpose is to ‘open up the world for those who want to see.’ In order to do so, we need to be responsible for the future and the role we, as a company, play in it. We believe that our first step is to establish a Responsible Travel Charter that maps out our company’s commitment to develop, promote and sell travel that respects human rights, the environment, and social equality.

For us, a Responsible Travel Charter means operating our business in a manner that respects and benefits local people, their cultures, economy, wildlife and the environment. Guided by our company values, one of the core goals is to support and develop travel that respects the social and physical dimensions of the destinations that are part of the travel experiences we deliver to our customers.

The Responsible Travel Charter also introduces and establishes the 4 Pillars or areas where we believe our company has the best opportunity to create positive change.

FCTG World - Social FCTG World - Environment FCTG World - Wildlife FCTG World - Economic





The economic, social, environmental health and the welfare of wildlife in the communities and places to which we are connected through our business, are very important to us, not only as a company, but to the individuals who make up the company. It is in these 4 pillars that we believe we can deliver the greatest benefit.

More information on the Responsible Travel Charter can be found on the Flight Centre Travel Group Limited Worldwise site.