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Introducing Onboard

Onboard is Infinity Holidays cruise booking platform, aggregating the most popular cruiselines. We’re giving you access to our amazing cruise product range through this great technology.

Onboard is an intuitive and easy-to-use booking platform, with simple search-to-book functions and faster service capability. Onboard makes it easy to search and book cruiselines and cabins.

What you can expect from Onboard:

  • Browse Itineraries from an extensive selection of cruiselines.
  • Conveniently book directly in the Onboard platform with over 15 leading cruiselines via our API connection.
  • View interactive deckplans – if the rate type allows it, view available cabins.
  • Display fare inclusions – see what each rate type includes for the client.
  • Search for Past Passengers on selected cruiselines.