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Our Helio Technology for retail

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Introducing Helio to the world

Helio is Infinity Holidays booking platform, bringing the world’s best travel product to millions of customers around the world. Now, we’re giving you access to our amazing product range through this great technology.

Helio is an intuitive and easy-to-use booking platform, with simple search-to-book functions and faster service capability. Helio makes it easy to build dynamic packages.

What you can expect from Helio:

  • Browse a huge collection of curated travel product, from hotels to cruises to attractions – all in one platform.
  • Bring all your guest’s bookings under one simple itinerary.
  • Intuitive navigation through some of the world’s widest range of travel product. Plus, with thousands of directly contracted hotels, tours and attractions, your guests will get the star treatment they deserve.
  • Helio can seamlessly integrate within your business, allowing us to perfectly compliment your existing range of product.