The Floating City

Few can deny the romance of Venice; the centuries of tradition, gondoliers punting their craft through the winding maze of canals, narrow alleys full of beautiful architecture, and the majesty of St Mark's Square, all offer visitors an experience like no other.

Situated in a lagoon, Venice is made up of over 118 small islands, and water plays a vital role in the daily life and in the transportation of the city. Most transfers from the airport or train station will include a water taxi to the closest pier to your hotel (some hotels have their own pier) but one of the highlights of Venice is a gondolier tour through the canals. As a completely car-free city, walking is perhaps the best (and cheapest) way to see Venice.

Some of the many land-based attractions include; St Mark's Basilica. The Rialto Bridge, the Doge's Palace (where the infamous Casanova was once imprisoned) and the Jewish Ghetto. The outer island of Murano is famous for glass blowing, and a visit to the Glass Museum is well worth the boat ride out to the island.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Stroll through St Mark's Basilica: Enjoy relics from the world over, including the icon of the Madonna of Nicopeia.
  2. Make Your Lover Sigh: A local legend would have young lovers believe they would be granted eternal love if they kissed beneath the Bridge of Sighs at sunset.
  3. Get Lost and Love It: Venice is a great city to wander through, with frequent signs pointing out the main sights if you lose your way.
  4. Count the Lions: A popular game with families is to count the many winged lions of Venice, the city's emblem appears everywhere.

More Information

For maps, days tours and accommodation options, visit the Venice chapter in our online Europe brochure. Click here.

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