Picturesque with a Dash of Medieval

Basking in the shadow of a 1100-year-old castle and with six centuries of untouched architecture, Prague is a charming, noble city that offers a glimpse of medieval Europe with a vibrant, modern twist.

A historical monument, symbolising the Czech State is Prague Castle. Considered one of the largest castles in the world and founded in the 10th century, Prague Castle covers 45 hectares and surrounds three castle courtyards. This medieval castle has been home to Czech kings for centuries and is now occupied by the President of the Czech Republic.

Journey back in time by taking a visit to the Old Square in Prague. This town square started in the 12th century, as a central marketplace and over the next few hundred years came the churches, houses and palaces. Not to mention the famous Jewish Quarter and its synagogues and cemetery of the majestic Charles Bridge, which spans the Vitava River.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Karlovy Vary: This world famous spa city lies in a picturesque valley and is famous for its 12 thermal springs.
  2. Charles Bridge: Founded by Charles IV in 1357, measuring 10 metres wide and 515 metres long, this majestic bridge connects the Old Town and Lessor Town.
  3. The Astronomical Clock: Established in 1338 and located in the Old Town Square, this Gothic Clock tells a story straight from the middle ages at the hour between 9am and 9pm and provides the best view of the town from above.

More Information

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