Shallow-Water Wonderland

When people say 'its better in the Bahamas', they know what they're talking about. This idyllic escape of powdery white sands and endless beaches is a very popular and easily reached retreat, offering a choice of glitz, golf, spas and nightlife.

Nassau in the Bahamas is a shopping mecca, with excellent duty-free prices on handicrafts and imported goods. Whether you shop in the hotels and resorts or prefer to start with the outdoor boutiques on Bay Street, Marina Village and the straw markets, you're sure to find many memorable souvenirs to take home with you. The Bahamas is best known for its straw markets where you'll find local artisans selling handmade wares, like straw bags and hats, wood carvings and jewellery. Your bargaining skills will come in handy here.

With fewer than 30 of the 700 Bahamas' islands inhabited, it's pretty easy to find a pristine and uncrowded dive site, and you can choose from countless reefs, drop-offs, coral gardens, caves and shipwrecks.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Bag a Bargain: look for a bargain at the straw markets in Nassau, a great place to shop for local handicrafts, wood carvings and jewellery.
  2. Water Sports: Whether it's relaxing on the beach, diving, snorkelling, kayaking or fishing, there is plenty to keep you occupied.
  3. Local Delicacies: for some uniquely Bahamian cuisine head to Potter's Cay to try some delicious scorched conch.
  4. Scuba Diving: Experience some of the best and most varied diving in the world, from sunken Spanish galleons to feeding sharks

More Information

For maps, day tours and accommodation options, visit the Bahamas chapter in our online USA brochure. Click here.

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