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Welcome to Infinity Cruise

Infinity Cruise offer a diverse range of product and expertise. Whether your clients are interested in river or ocean cruising, family-friendly or all-inclusive luxury experiences, expedition or small ship voyages, we have options for everyone. 

We offer exciting destinations such as the Mediterranean, Alaska, Caribbean, and Antarctica. If your clients prefer something closer to home, we also have options in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to helping you find the perfect vacation for your clients. 

Top Reasons to Cruise


Cruises often provide the opportunity to visit multiple destinations in a single trip. Passengers can explore different cities, islands, and cultures without the need to pack and unpack multiple times. This variety appeals to those who want to maximise their travel experiences within a set timeframe.


Many cruise packages are all-inclusive, covering accommodations, meals, entertainment, and certain activities. This can be cost-effective and allows travellers to budget easily, knowing that most of their expenses are already covered. Some luxury cruises even include excursions, drinks, and gratuities in their packages.


Cruise ships are equipped with a plethora of entertainment options and activities. From Broadway-style shows and live music to water parks, casinos, and fitness centres, there's something for everyone on board. This variety caters to different interests, making cruises appealing to families, couples, and solo travelers alike.


Modern cruise ships are like floating resorts with a wide range of amenities. From spas and fitness centres to specialty restaurants and shopping, cruise ships offer a luxurious and comfortable environment. Many ships also have pools, hot tubs, and recreational areas, ensuring that passengers have plenty of options to unwind and enjoy their time at sea.


Cruise ships are known for their diverse dining options, from gourmet restaurants to casual buffets, and even specialty cuisines. Food lovers can indulge in a variety of culinary experiences.  

Cruising Styles

Large Ships

1200-4000 passengers

Large resort ships offer a vibrant social atmosphere and abundant entertainment options, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a lively cruise experience. These ships provide a comprehensive holiday package that caters to various preferences, ranging from standard to luxury offerings. One of the notable advantages of large ship cruising is the extensive array of entertainment facilities and programs available for individuals of all ages and interests. During the day, passengers can engage in activities such as working out at the gym, indulging in spa treatments, participating in cooking classes, playing mini-golf, and much more. In the evenings, theatre shows, live music, casinos and nightclubs offer entertainment options. Families traveling with children will find large ships well-suited due to the wide range of children's programs available on board. Additionally, large ships boast an impressive selection of dining options, including 24-hour room service, smorgasbord buffets, and elegant five-course formal dinners. With a multitude of activities happening throughout the ship, large ships are perfect for those who prefer a busy and eventful cruise experience.

Cruise lines with some of the largest ships:
Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, P&O Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line


Mid-Size Ships

500-1200 passengers

Mid-size ships offer a premium cruise experience that falls between larger resort ships and small ships. These ships are particularly well-suited for smaller ports due to their maneuverability, allowing cruise lines to offer itineraries that may not be feasible for larger or smaller boutique ships. This includes round-the-world cruises and longer journeys that explore exotic destinations. The size and facilities of mid-size ships strike a pleasant balance, neither too big nor too small. Passengers can easily navigate the ship, and a variety of activities and excursions are available to participate in. While mid-size ships may not offer as extensive a range of facilities or productions as larger ships, they do provide more options than small ships, ensuring ample entertainment opportunities. Considering the ratio of passenger numbers to facilities, mid-size ships offer a satisfying experience for everyone. If you desire a combination of both worlds, a mid-size ship is an excellent choice.

Boutique & Small Ships

50-500 passengers.  

Boutique and small ships offer an intimate cruise experience with personalised service, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a more tailored vacation. Small ship cruises provide the opportunity to sail on some of the world's most exclusive vessels, including coastal, river, sailing, and expedition ships. If you prefer a serene and relaxed experience at sea, with fewer passengers, facilities, entertainment, and dining options compared to larger ships, then a small ship cruise is the ideal choice. It provides a unique and intimate ambiance, allowing for a more immersive journey. Additionally, small ships have the advantage of accessing off-the-beaten-track ports that are typically inaccessible to larger vessels. This enables you to explore culturally rich and distinctive destinations, enhancing the exclusivity of your shore excursions. 

Luxury Cruising

Luxury cruising offers a premium and indulgent travel experience for discerning travellers. It is characterised by exceptional service, elegant accommodations, and a wide range of upscale amenities and facilities. From spacious and beautifully appointed staterooms to gourmet dining options prepared by world-class chefs, luxury cruises offer a refined and sophisticated atmosphere. Onboard entertainment, spa and wellness facilities, and exclusive shore excursions further enhance the overall experience.  

Luxury Cruise Lines  
Azamara Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, Oceania Cruises, Ponant, Regent Seven Seas, Scenic Ocean, Seabourn Cruise Line, Silversea Cruises, Windstar Cruises.  

Expedition Cruising

Expedition cruising offers a unique and adventurous way to explore remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations. It is designed for travellers seeking immersive experiences in nature-rich environments. Expedition cruises typically feature smaller ships that can navigate through narrow waterways and reach destinations that larger vessels cannot access. These cruises often include expert guides and naturalists who provide in-depth knowledge about the destinations, wildlife, and ecosystems. Whether it's exploring the polar regions, discovering the Galapagos Islands, or venturing into the Amazon rainforest, expedition cruising allows travellers to connect with nature and embark on unforgettable adventures.

Alaska, Antartica, Arctic, Galápagos Islands, Greenland & Iceland, Norway and the Northern Lights, The Kimberley

Expedition Cruise Lines
APT, Aqua Expeditions, Celebrity Cruises, Hurtigruten Expeditions, Intrepid, Ponant, Seabourn Cruise Line, Silversea Cruises.

River Cruising

River cruising is an excellent choice for a holiday due to its unique and captivating experience. Unlike traditional ocean cruises, river cruises offer a more intimate and immersive journey along picturesque waterways. River cruises allow you to witness breathtaking landscapes, charming towns, and iconic landmarks as you sail along the river. They stop at multiple ports, giving you the opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in the local culture. One of the greatest advantages of river cruising is the convenience of unpacking only once while visiting multiple destinations. You can enjoy the comfort of your floating hotel and wake up to a new city or town each day, maximising your time and minimising the hassle of constant packing and unpacking.

Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers across Europe; Seine, Rhône and Saône Rivers in France; Douro River in the Iberian Peninsula; Mekong River through Vietnam & Cambodia; Amazon River in South America; Nile River in Egypt.

River Cruise Lines
APT, Aqua Expeditions, Avalon Waterways, Emerald Cruises, Scenic River, Travelmarvel, Uniworld.

Family Cruising

Cruising offers a fantastic vacation option for families, providing a wide range of activities and amenities that cater to all age groups including water slides, rock climbing walls, and go-kart tracks, ensuring endless entertainment for both kids and adults. Most cruise lines offer dedicated kids clubs and youth programs that are supervised by trained staff. These clubs provide age-appropriate activities, games, crafts, and even educational programs, allowing children to socialise and make new friends while parents have some time to relax and enjoy other onboard amenities.

Great options for families 
Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, P&O Australia, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean

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