Lord Howe Island

A World Heritage Paradise

This beautifully pristine island paradise can be reached from major airports on the east coast. Flights depart frequently out of Sydney and there are weekend services that depart from Brisbane. There are also seasonal flights that depart out of Port Macquarie from February to June and September to December.

The ultimate in magical escapes, Lord Howe Island is an extinct volcano in the Tasman Sea less than two hours flight from Sydney or Brisbane. Enjoy the laid-back feel that comes with being one of only 400 guests on the island sharing with just 350 permanent residents, with hardly any cars and no mobile phone reception, all the while surrounded by natural beauty so outstanding it was World Heritage listed in 1982. Lord Howe's isolation from any large land mass guarantees some of the world's most unpolluted oceans and beaches

Wander in from the golden sands of an uncrowded beach and snorkel or dive the world's most southerly coral reef, which fringes the west side of the island for six kilometres and encloses a stunning crystal lagoon. Or look above to the 130-odd species of bird, including 14 sea birds, which make the island the country's premier bird watching destination.

Take to the island's network of walking trails, ranging from an easy stroll to the challenging Mount Gower guided walk, renowned as one of the world's best day treks. Follow up with an indulgent spa treatment to ease those weary muscles.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Enjoy the Island's Best Beaches: Do some 'Champagne Surfing' at Blinky Beach, or feed the ravenous king fish at Ned's Beach.
  2. Climb Malabar Hill for the View.
  3. Snorkel the Crystal Lagoon.
  4. Do the Mount Gower Day Trek.

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