Fusing the Old with the New

One of the world’s most famous cities and important economic centres, Tokyo effortlessly fuses the old with the new, with cutting-edge technology, fast bullet trains, enormous shopping arcades and flashing neon lights glittering beside ancient temples, kimono-clad women and Shinto shrines.

Many say that Japan’s heart beats within the Imperial Palace, the official residence of the Emperor of Japan, but it is only open two days each year – New Year’s Day and the Emperor’s birthday. On other days, view it from Nijubashi Bridge, then experience some of Tokyo’s other cultural delights: the Meiji Shrine, traditional Japanese baths at the Azabu-Juban Onsen, Tokyo Sumo Museum, ikebana flower-arranging and Roppongi’s Tokyo Tower, where you can revel in the neon-lit view that overlooks both the city and nearby Mount Fuji. Roppongi is also a good place to find buzzing nightlife.

Step back in time with Asakusa’s bustling street stalls or marvel at the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing at Shibuya, a district resembling a futuristic New York Times Square, with its trendy stores, traffic and flashing neon billboards advertising the latest pop stars.

Insiders' Tips

  • Visit Shibuya: The fashionable shopping district, which also encompasses the unique street fashion haven of Harajuku.
  • Head to the Fish Markets: Enjoy a sushi breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market in the Chuo district.
  • Experience Tokyo’s Nightlife. The party never stops in Tokyo. From the bars and western-style nightclubs in Shinjuku and Roppongi, to the Japanese-style watering holes called izakaya.

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