Infinity Holidays

Our Story

Who We Are

Infinity Holidays has been a leading New Zealand wholesaler for over 25 years, working with many of New Zealand’s retail travel agents and broker networks. Being part of a global network, means Infinity is able to offer a wide and diverse range of products and services, including accommodation, cruises, tours, transportation and activities.

In 2007 we adopted a direct contracting model for procuring product, increasing our product range and flexibility.  This strengthened our position as a key wholesaler for international and domestic product making Infinity, New Zealand’s largest wholesaler with the ability to offer varied range of packages and inclusions at competitive rates. 

In 2020, COVID-19 hit the travel industry hard. Taking the opportunity to implement our new holiday booking platform Helio, to stand alongside our cruise booking platform Onboard.  We continued to provide access to some of the strongest and most robust industry relationships, backed by decades of industry experience.  Combining the power of simplicity, innovation and authentic partnership, we take the complexity out of travel and put easy solutions in your hands.

What Infinity Offers

Infinity has the most knowledgeable team, offering well-regarded service, and support.  Simple booking experience via Helio & Onboard offer the ability to do DIY quotes and bookings 24/7 for your customers. Infinity offers 24/7 after hours support which is only a call away, so you and your customers can travel knowing there is a great team behind them.
Infinity is making it easier than ever to book world-leading travel product at a one-stop-shop.

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