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Daintree, Cape Tribulation & Cooktown


If you're planning a holiday in Cooktown, Far North Queensland, here at Infinity Holidays we have the best value deals on flights, accommodation, tours and package deals to suit your holiday requirements and budget.

Cooktown is a small frontier town located in the far north of Tropical North Queensland. Cooktown boasts a unique character and great charm and was relatively isolated and only accessible by four-wheel drive until a sealed road opened in 2006. The area is renowned for its great natural beauty, and for being Australia's first European settlement. Every June, the town celebrates Cooktown's history with the Cooktown Endeavour Festival, which includes a colourful re-enactment of Captain Cook's landing in 1770.

Cooktown boasts beautiful beaches and proximity to the Wet Tropics World Heritage area and the Great Barrier Reef. Activities include safari tours through dense tropical rainforest, visits to the Western Cape York Turtle Conservation Project and cruises to the Great Barrier Reef for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving amid myriad bright fish and corals in clear tropical waters.

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Unspoilt natural beauty

Welcome to a holiday of lush tropical rainforests, sparkling rivers, secluded white beaches and breathtaking beauty.

The Daintree region is a haven for holiday makers wishing to pursue an alternative lifestyle and for those who enjoy the pleasures of untouched natural beauty. Discover the essence of this stunning region: from river cruises and rainforest tours, to natural health spas, outdoor theatre, Aboriginal arts and culture, waterfalls, ocean kayaking, horse trekking and more. Pay a visit to the quaint and laid-back tropical Daintree Village, perched on a bend of the Daintree River and be at one with nature in the 135 million-year-old Daintree Rainforest, with its 23 metre-high canopy and incredible resident wildlife.

Located in the far reaches of Tropical North Queensland, Cooktown is a small frontier town with a unique character forged through years of geographic isolation and hard living. It is only since 2006 that Cooktown has been accessible to vehicles other than four-wheel drives! Australia's first non-indigenous settlement, Cooktown was discovered and settled by Captain Cook in 1770. Visit the James Cook Historical Museum to learn about the town's interesting past.

Things To Do In

  1. Enjoy the Cooktown Festival: Every June the town celebrates the arrival of Captain Cook, with a colourful re-enactment of his fateful landing, costumes, a gala ball and fireworks
  2. Relax with a massage
  3. Visit the Daintree Rainforest
  4. Crocodile-spot on a river cruise
  5. Visit the James Cook Museum

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